Breaks at Dawn is an improvised live cinema collaboration by the folk/jazz band Barlast and media artist Nina-Maria Oförsagd.

What happens in the surroundings at night where most are not awake, when time does not really exist as in everyday life? Breaks at Dawn moves in the hours when it’s dark and nothing happens, outside of everyday reality, in an interstice before a million city wakes up.

Oförsagd uses material shot in urban million cities (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei) and cuts the film live. Barlast blends European jazz, Nordic folk and free improvisation and studies the borderline between improvisation and composition.

Breaks at Dawn also exists as a short movie without the live element

Philip Holm – double bass
Heikki Hänninen – guitars
Minna Koskenlahti – percussion and flute
Sanna Salonen – soprano saxophone, bass clarinett and mänkeri
Nina-Maria Oförsagd – live visuals

Read about Breaks at Dawn in Finnish or in Swedish.